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The pandemic substantially accelerated the emergence of digital formats and proved that online streaming services create new opportunities for business development and help build client relationships

The story of Deloitte Studios started in the middle of the first covid lockdown in early 2020 when suddenly, from one day to the next, it was no longer possible to organise in person events, conferences, client meetings, and most companies switched to remote work. Video content, especially live streams, became the most effective way to communicate with clients, the public and staff – and also an essential tool for maintaining business continuity.

Nowadays, our professionally equipped Deloitte Studios offer nearly unlimited online and offline content creation possibilities in three technologically top–notch studios – UX Studio, Virtual Studio, and Hybrid Studio. The studios cover all possible demands for audio-visual production. In addition to a traditional, natural environment for live broadcasting, they offer a futuristic virtual space with a green screen and a multifunctional space for hybrid smart events enabling leveraging other latest technologies and engagement tools.

So far, we have broadcast under the Deloitte Studios brand over 400 live events in full HD quality and held dozens of hybrid events, both for Deloitte and as a commercial service for our clients and business partners. Our ambition is to continue setting the trends in the field of online audio-visual production and digital formats with focus on the Czech and Slovak business sector and while serving clients of the international Deloitte network.

Enter the unlimited world of online possibilities with Deloitte Studios.

Live streaming

Online world of unlimited possibilities

Trainings, presentations, webinars, panel discussions, online conferences, top management and board meetings, award ceremonies, and more. With Deloitte Studios, do not expect a dull webinar; on the contrary, you will get attractive online content customised to your target audience, interactive tools to keep your viewers engaged, cutting–edge technologies, and professional production services. We will show you the unlimited possibilities of online formats in practice and how you can leverage streaming services to create new business opportunities and develop relationships with your clients.

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Smart hybrid events

Experience the future of conferences today

Smart events connect the hybrid form of in–person meetings with the online audience through interactive technologies and elements of AI and using big data analytics allow for strategic planning of the whole conference. We deliver smart events comprehensively; in addition to the latest technologies, we provide also event services, from a professional host through styling to catering.

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Video production

Attractive custom offline content

Deloitte Studios offer comprehensive in–house production services, from creative concept design for the video content and its shooting in the highest quality using professional audio–visual production to postproduction with voiceover recording or insertion of translated subtitles. A team of cameramen, editors, sound engineers, lighting technicians and creatives ensure content creation for your promo videos, commercials, interviews, documentary production, or social media channels.

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New technologies & VR

Technologies of the future for an extraordinary experience

At the Deloitte eXperience Lab, we continuously strive to enhance our digital studio services in an innovative way. Virtual tours using a 360° 4K camera, immersive online trainings utilising AR/VR technologies, meetings in a virtual world, or an automated AI–based subtitling service. All of that are customer engagement and marketing tools of tomorrow that you can start using thanks to Deloitte Studios already today.

  • Hybrid studio

    A large studio with a stage for hybrid conferences and larger panel discussions, networking events, trainings, or award ceremonies. A true smart hybrid event will allow you to connect with and address both your online audience as well as in–person your VIPs on-site in the physical space. The studio can be used also with a–green screen for large-scale virtual broadcasts.

    • Capacity of speakers / participants: 10 in person on stage and up to 8 connected remotely (online) + up to 80 participants in person
    • Stream quality: Full HD/4K – up to 5 cameras
    • Studio features: premises apt for a physical event, conference room with sound system, variable colour–LED stage design, possibility of interaction of physically present and online viewers.
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